Ranger Inc. core competencies include trucking, demolition, hazardous waste hauling, snow plowing, and site work. That is the backbone of our business, and it provides the strength upon which we founded our company nearly thirty years ago. But we go beyond the basics. Based outside of Worcester, MA we service state, regional, and national clients with an array of services.

Additional services include shipping, expedited delivery, dedicated routes, warehousing, transloading, third party logistics and brokerage. Our strategy revolves around a focused approach to serve specific customers requiring exceptional service to target markets. This allows us to provide outstanding service to our customers and to be a preferred place to work for professional drivers.

Ranger maintains a strong commitment to a continually improving quality process, allowing us to consistently provide the best service to our customers. We are always concerned for the safety of our drivers, our customers’ cargo, and the community & environment we all share. As such, we operate a modern fleet of well-maintained day cabs and sleepers to help us meet and exceed our safety and service goals.

We think differently than our competitors.  Our commitment to the environment has gained us expertise in the design and implementation of demolition plans that divert recyclable materials from the landfill.

Have a look at our services to see how Ranger Inc. meets your shipping, demolition and hauling needs.